Grapefruit Margaritas on The Rocks



You like it fresh? Well that’s what’s about to hit ya right now. The freshest of the fresh margaritas. You can all thank my boyfriend’s sister. I have to give credit where it’s due. There is a lot of fruit needed for this concoction, so make sure you grab a cart & not a basket. Grab & basket & you are asking for your circulation to be cut off at the elbow. You were given a fair warning.


I hate a sweet margarita, it ruins it for me every time, so this combination was perfect. I love grapefruit and love the tartness of them, but if you aren’t a huge fan of tart, add more juice from an orange. That’ll do the trick. Make these for TACO NIGHT. (which by the way you should make your own taco seasoning for. )





The only areas I hope to find a way to improve would be the following.

  1. Make sure that the grapefruit, orange & lime seeds do not enter my glass. I spent a ton of time fishing these out with a spoon. Death by grapefruit seed inhalation. #NotBadass
  2. Cut the mint into smaller pieces so that I am not choking on these either. Clearly, I am not a fan of choking if you haven’t picked this up yet.


FINAL VERDICT: 4 BOMBSbombbombbombbomb




Grapefruit ( 1 per each drink )

Lime ( I per each drink )

Oranges ( 1/2 orange per drink)

Fresh Mint

White Tequila ( 1 oz per drink ) If you tryna get a quick buzz make it 2. I did 😉

Cointreau NOT TRIPLE SEC (1/2 oz per drink)



In a shaker, add the following. Squeeze all the juice from 1 grapefruit, 1 lime, and half an orange. Add that tequila & cointreau. Throw in a pinch of mint. Shake shake shake. Pour over a glass of ice.

Note: To make your drink sweeter, add more squeezed orange.


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