Maggie’s Curbside – Stamford, CT


If this place doesn’t end up on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives, that would just be stupid. This place was INSANELY epic. My boyfriend & I were pretending we were Guy Ferrari describing the food to each other one bit at a time. Of course one meal per person isn’t enough for us weirdos, so we have to get 3. Holy fullness!


First course. Waffle sticks! Now for a normal person this would be a full meal, but again we like to try a little bit of everything. These tasted like warm churros dipped in a delicious blueberry jam. I would have liked to eaten these last, more like a “dessert” plus they are so  filling.


Here is the bomb of all bombs that 100% made this place worthy. TATCHO! Freaking tator tot nachos =) With braised rib chili on them. AND a fucking egg. EGG on your NACHOS YASSSS!! These were mouth watering, and a HUGE portion. Not the best as leftovers, but the REAL deal right then and there.



Then we have these pockets of joy. Bacon, egg & cheese empanadas! So god damn good. And this curbside sirracha they put on everything is like a spicy mayo, but not mayo? It’s everything & more. I thought these might be dry but they were NOT. They were so perfect along with those potatoes that came with. It’s going to be hard eating a basic BEC after indulging in these.

There are only a handful of tables, so be prepared to wait, or plan ahead to call for pickup. We went around 8:30AM on a Saturday and were okay, but have heard stories of the line out the door. They also serve lunch which I cannot wait to go back for.

FINAL VERDICT: 5 BOMBS! bombbombbombbombbomb


Next time you are in the Stamford area make sure you stop into Maggie’s Curbside


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