Pumpkin Shaped Cheese Ball

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 7.18.56 PM

Bout to go basic fall bitch on you all. Yes, Halloween has passed. Yes, I made this for a Halloween party & yes I devoured another one that someone else made at another Halloween party. But Thanksgiving is all about gourds & pumpkins too, so this is still relevant. When you ask “what can I bring?” for your Thanksgiving get together .. well don’t ask. Just say – I will be bringing the bombest PUMPKIN CHEESE BALL – BYE! Thank you The Country Cook for sharing your expertise in cheese balls.

I promise this is QUICK. Just give yourself a day so it can chill. Cut some veggies, put them in cute bowls, and then on a cute cutting board. No, don’t do that. Just cut fucking veggies and throw them in a bowl.


If you have a KitchenAid, which you SHOULD, it will be your best friend in the mixing of cream cheese here. No one likes mixing cream cheese with a wooden spoon. I remember in the olden days (you know, like 2 years ago before my KitchenAid showed up under the Christmas tree ) when that thick cream cheese would just STICK to the spoon and I would just end up scraping it off with my teeth…(The struggle was real)


So basically you are just mixing shit into a cheese ball and covering it in cheese. Sounds like a pretty good gig, am I right?


Make sure you have enough plastic wrap before jumping into this, because I didn’t which meant running store, which meant not a short recipe anymore. Also PSA make sure you have rubber bands! If you don’t, then HAIR TIES are KEY. Thank god I just bought a new pack. Gentleman, I don’t think your ladies would mind if you borrow theirs, because this cheese ball will blow their minds.


So how did it taste you ask!? Well I basically stood around this pumpkin at the party with a group of people until we realized we ate half of it in like 10 minutes. Some may call that disgusting, but I just call it GOOD FUCKING FOOD people.

Also, don’t misplace your pepper stem in the fridge like me. I forgot I put it in the butter compartment and had a legit PANIC ATTACK when it was missing. No pumpkin is complete without it’s stem.

FINAL VERDICT: 5 BOMBS bombbombbombbombbomb______________________________________________________________________________________


  • 1 (8oz.) block cream cheese, softened to room temp
  • 1 (8 oz.) tub vegetable cream cheese
  • 3 green onions, diced
  • 1 red pepper, finely diced (save the stem for the top of the pumpkin)
  • 2 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese, divided use*


  1. Using a mixer, combine both types of cream cheeses
  2. Then stir in 2 tablespoons of Hidden Valley Ranch Spicy Ranch mix, green onion, red pepper and one cup shredded cheddar cheese.
  3. Spread out a large sheet of plastic wrap
  4. Sprinkle about a 1/4 cup of the shredded cheddar cheese onto the plastic wrap.
  5. Then top with cheese ball mixture.
  6. Take the rest of the shredded cheddar cheese and sprinkle it onto the tops and sides of the cheese ball and wrap it up well with plastic wrap.
  7. Two layers of plastic wrap work best. It needs to be well-wrapped and wrapped tightly. Now, time to wrap it up with four large and wide rubber bands.

  8. We don’t want any cheese ball mix squeezing out while we’re putting on the rubber bands. I had to double wrap each rubber band to get those long indentations we’re looking for to make the pumpkin shape.

  9. Place cheese ball into the fridge for a minimum of two hours (overnight is best.) Not only do the flavors get better as it sits, but as the mixture cools, it will help it to form that pumpkin shape.

  10. When ready, cut off the rubber bands and carefully remove the plastic wrap.
  11. Place the pepper stem on top.



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